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[eltd_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”” background_color=””]I[/eltd_dropcaps]’ve caught the fitness bug and I’m uber excited about it! In the beginning, working out was more of a chore and I was never consistent with the routine or the results.  I’m not a hard core workout person, but I will attend a cross fit maybe at least once a month.  I don’t get excited about sweating and being out of breathe, its not pretty or necessary.  However, I prefer cute  and affective workouts like barre, pilates and even a fun little hip-hop dance class (Which is ah-mazing at Equinox BTW).  This brings me to my next point, perception.  My perception of things dictate my motivation. If I invest in trendy workout gear, attend a bomb  gym with a dope atmosphere, and schedule my workout routines accordingly, the rest is history.  Want your fitness mojo back ?  I’ve got you covered! How to get your fitness Mojo back Once you start, it goes up from there The hardest part of going to the gym, is simply that, going!   I’m a morning person, so the easiest way for me to ensure that I go to the gym is to sometimes sleep in my workout clothes.  How does this help? It conditions my mind and gives me a sense of urgency as soon as I wake up.  My mind goes straight to the gym vs scrolling through my Instagram timeline (we’re all guilty of it).  Also, group classes at my gym fill up so fast so I book my classes online a day in advance.  That way, my excuse wont be that there were no classes available.  Also, by booking online, it holds me accountable, and cancelling a class is worse than quitting to me, its like quitting before starting.  If you are not a morning person, I suggest packing a gym bag at night and placing it at your front door so you wont forget to take it to work.  Also set a timer to alert you an hour before your class or even during lunch.  This will help with prepping your mind and getting it ready for the gym.  Remember, we always make time for what we want to do, so make time for being a better you. Find what you enjoy Finding what workouts you enjoy is crucial for your fitness mojo.  If you don’t enjoy it, you wont do it. I’m not a fan or machines, I’ll use them, but lets be honest, I will only spend 30 min on a Stairmaster or treadmill.  I enjoy group fitness more, hands down.  There’s something about surrounding yourself with people that have similar fitness goals and working together to achieve success.  It also opens up doors for networking and finding your next accountability partner ( without the cost of a PT).  I cannot tell you how many people I’ve met in a group class that I will randomly text to see what classes we can do together in the near future. Mix it up & try new things Even though I know what I like, I’m not oppose to trying new things.  There are so many classes at Equinox, and there are always new classes, which allow countless opportunities to discover a new favorite workout.  Not going to lie, I literally will read the title and be sold on the idea, until I get intimidated by the flexibility ranking or the description of the class.  Anytime I get into that mindset, I book the class, face my fears, and end up having the time of my life. You will never know, until you try. Challenge yourself The biggest challenge is self and  motivation.  The quickest way to challenge yourself?  Set  personal body/workout/eating  goals for yourself to keep you on track.  Ask yourself what challenges you face in the gym and own up to the challenge.   My current goal is to feel happy and comfortable within my body and mind, and of course to trust the process. Create a BA playlist Music motivates me like no other, it changes the mood instantly. Its so necessary to create a dope workout playlist, which will allow anyone to  power through a lengthy workout sesh. Shift your mind Motivation starts with the mind. Hitting the weights, running, dancing gets you physically fit.  But you have to also keep your mind in tip top shape, and take care of your self as a whole. Mental health is just as important as physical health. I always will recommend  a yoga/ meditation class.  I prefer yoga/meditation at the beginning and the end of the week as a time to reflect and refresh my mind. Yoga really helps me because it allows me to focus on self, breathing and understanding my body which is very necessary.  A lot of people shy away from yoga because it can be a bit intimidating with all of the forms & movement that take place.  The cool part, yoga space is a no judgment zone.  No one is worried about how flexible you are,  everyone is pouring into themselves and although you may not achieve flexibility during one session, you will know more about yourself and feel so much better for  pushing yourself to a better you. If you look good, you feel good! Want to make it a little easier in achieving the look?  Click the links below to Shop : Give your Gym Wardrobe a boost in a Fab  Co-ord.

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