Monday Mantra

Happy Monday Loves! To start the week off proper, I’m sharing my Mantra of the week as well as Daily Productivity Printables to help jumpstart your productive & satisfying week! M a n t r a : “Don’t Wish for It, Work for It” I’m totally loving this weeks mantra because it has the ability to get you out of your head anytime you drift off into the world of what could be. You know what you want, so there is no time for daydreaming about it. Instead, get to work. The difference between success and failure is the action that you take today. Daily Productivity Planner Download Image is a preview only.
Click link above Download button for complete download. What are some of your favorite Mantras that help you through your work weeks? I’d love to hear all about them and what they mean to you! Leave a comment below! #pencilitin #Productivity #monday #motivation #coffee #Mantra #goals

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