Monday mindfulness

Mantra.Intentions.Affirm.Gratitude. Mantra of the week: "Relax, nothing is under control". Although this might not be the positive mantra that you were seeking, it's the reality. We live in a world, where everything is always under control, but in all truth, nothing was, well... predictable and was a little too controlled. We now have learned that nothing is under control, and this applies to us as well, not just "situations". You are not controlled. Let that sink in. We have all been "under control" and have conformed to the social norms of the world, but being in quarantine has forced us to face ourselves and dig deep into who we really are. When the control (job titles, followers, money, etc.) has taken a back seat to this thing called life, it has forced us to hone in on our true selves, which, we can control. We can't control what happens, but we can control how we perceive things, how we respond, and how we chose to live. That is a major key. Take advantage that nothing is under control. live your best life, be the best version of yourself, you owe yourself at least that much. Intentions Set your intentions for the week. Intentions are similar to goals. Goals typically aim for the desired result. period. An intention is something that you plan and are mindful of each entity of the process, its something you mean to do. An easy way to set your intentions for the day is to write down your goals and then come up with an action plan of how you will complete that goal. That action plan is your intention. I typically start my list with: Today, I commit myself to (goal). Example intention: Today, I commit myself to focus on things that I can do for the betterment of myself. Affirm: These days are not predictable, they are not routine. It can very well start off normal, and then we get one ping from our social media accounts regarding what's really going on in the world, and it shifts our focus. Make it a habit to focus on the good. Could it be something tragic? what can you do to make it better? Do good: donate, use your voice, and do whatever you can do in your capacity to help the world and protect your mental. Gratitude: Start your day jotting down at least 10 things that you are grateful for. Can't think of anything? I like to start simple, "thank you for my vision, for my breath, for waking me up this morning, for the roof over my head, waking me up in my right mind, etc. There a million things to be thankful for, we just sometimes lose sight of it because it has become a norm for us. Want to share some of your favorite Mantras/Intentions/Affirmations? We'd love to hear about them. Please be sure to add them in the comments below! Aspire to Inspire!

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