Hello Loves, and Happy New Year! For many, the first day of a new year marks limitless possibilities.  Suddenly the time feels right to  to open the new planner to the first blank page and begin jotting down new routines, goals and the things that will be better for us this year.  I know it sounds so cliche saying ” New Year, New Me” , but everyone needs a refresher, its necessary to reflect, rediscover and reinvent oneself. /,rēinˈvent/ verb. change (something) so much that it appears to be entirely new. Given the definition, Re-inventing yourself does not mean completely losing yourself and creating someone you’re not, it’s simply embracing your new, new.  The concept of the re-invention is embracing yourself, reflecting on who you are and what you would like to change in order to better your self, your life and the atmosphere that you create for yourself. How to Re-invent yourself My goals are simply put,  a continuation of  Project Perfect (Read Here) . Learn a new skill A common question followed by “What is your name ” is “What do you do” .  The answer that is given is how you perceive yourself as well as how others will perceive you.  Do you name your profession or what you aspire to be?  If you name your profession, are you living your dream ? If so great, you’re on the right track.  If your profession is not your dream, what are you doing to execute your goals and make things happen?  It’s time to learn a new skill, and if you have one, its time to perfect it.  When learning a new skill or even perfecting it , you gain knowledge and learn more about yourself which is a great refresher for your path of goals. Reinvent your Personality Well, not completely, only the personality traits that are not serving you well.  Im sure everyone, including me, thinks that their personality is so bomb, but in all reality there are things that can  be constructed and we all could make a short list of what those things could be.  The good part? we created it, so we can modify it. Create an alter ego As crazy as this sounds, I do it, and it actually works.  Do you know of a celebrity, movie, book or musician that just takes you to a limitless place of motivation?  Thats where you should go, use that as an alter ego.  It doesn’t make you obsessed or weird, it allows you to achieve the goal for that moment.  For example, If I want to be fierce, I think all thing all things Beyonce, If I want the more bold approach, I channel my inner  Rihanna.  The goal is not to try to be that person, but to ask yourself ” What would they do to make this goal work and be successful” .  It helps to bring out the better person in yourself.Not into it ? No worries you can always think about yourself, and the things that accentuate or magnify the authentic you. Re-Invent your Habits We all have habits, and the more habits you alter, the more you change.  Could I drink water instead of wine? For sure ! Would it make me a different person ? Absolutely! (I’d probably shed a few pounds in the process) Hold on to the good habits of course, but the ones you have to second guess, they might need a quick little tune up . Re-Invent your attitude Think of someone you know that has a positive attitude, now think of someone that holds a negative attitude.  They are two different people, right?   A positive person is very different from a negative, or pessimistic, one. Everything is perceived differently, the emotions, reaction and they simply show up in the world differently.  Think about your goals and who you want to be.  If you are negative, its ok, reinvent yourself to become more positive. Level up Ever heard the term Gamification?  In this situation it is simply  applying game elements to non-game situations.  A game consists of a certain number of levels, when you “win”, you go to the next level.  Treat life the same way.  You don’t have to put your life all in one huge unattainable goal, break it down into levels, and stay focused to work through the building blocks.  You can do this with your career path, weight loss, finances etc. There are always levels to everything. Step outside of your comfort zone IF you are comfortable, chances are, you have accepted where you are, and your life is on a daily repeat. The farther away you step from your comfort zone, the more you’ll change.  It can be scary at times, but it is usually worth it.  Think about it, would you want to be in the same place you were last year? The worst feeling is the feeling of being stagnant and  not reaching your full potential.  Its time to do something that scares you. Question yourself Carl Sagan  once said “There are naive questions, tedious questions, ill-phrased questions, questions put after inadequate self-criticism. But every question is a cry to understand the world. There is no such thing as a dumb question.” . Ask yourself: How can I create the next version of myself? Create possibilities or alternatives to begin moving toward this new version of yourself Select the best ideas you come up with. Sample and test –test out your ideas and make adjustments based on the outcomes you achieve Continue prototyping, testing, and making adjustments until you’re happy with the result I hope you enjoyed the Re-invention segment, please feel free to comment below ! #FEELS #Lifestyle #Reinvent

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