Project Perfect: 10 Steps to Refresh your Mind and Body

“Project Perfect is a is a personal project that I exercise each year around this time or whenever I need a little life refresher.  ” Although the title of Project Perfect sounds full of vanity, it’s more than skin deep and involves a little soul searching . Definition? Simply perfecting every area of my life that I have full control of.  No one is perfect, but that doesn’t mean you cant perfect your life ( in a non obsessive way). Why Start? Sometimes, we don’t have control of the things that happen around us or to us, but we do have control of how we present ourselves, how we respond to things, our thoughts, dreams and aspirations. With having an understanding and control of the little things, greater things will follow. First, Find your Happy. Finding my happy is very important to me.  In order to find my happiness, I have to work backwards and ask myself what wouldn’t make me happy? And the answer,  is  being regretful, uninspired and stagnant. Pinpointing who I don’t want to be, allows me  to decide who I want to be and also promotes self awareness.  My definition of self awareness is having a clear perception of my personality, including my strengths, weaknesses , thoughts , beliefs, motivation and emotions. My happy is freedom, I try not to over-think the simple things or take myself too serious. The things that have made me the most happy have been things that I have done on impulse.  Risky yes, regretful eh, give or take, but in the end they make for good stories, growth and laughs. Set Goals Ever heard the saying ” If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”  this is 100% true.  Setting clear and concise goals shows that you care about who you want to be and what you want to accomplish in life. Its always good to jot down short term and long term goals , read them aloud and execute accordingly. Travel Traveling always allows me to reinvent myself, explore and clear my mind . My favorite place is simple, New York, Manhattan to be exact.  Its just something about New York that brings out the curiosity in me.  I love the city lights, fashion, styles, uniquenes and the sense of urgency that the city holds. I shift, my disposition changes and my motivation takes over. As cliche as it sounds, its magical. Fully Immerse Although setting goals can be great, it can also be a little scary. The questions arise, will this work? What if it doesn’t? Fears can come into play, but this is not the time to hold back, this is the time to give it your all.   Fears can lead to procrastination and dreams deferred.  In order to tackle this head on, I like to write down my fears and fully immerse myself into them, allowing me to shift my train of thought, face my fears and execute goals I’ve set for myself. Get to know yourself better Spend time with yourself and really embark in  soul searching. It’s always good to meditate and reflect on everything that you have going on. I like to clear my mind, organize my thoughts and reflect on past successes as well as future opportunities. Take on a new hobby or Perfect your Craft In the past, I had a bad habit of picking up hobbies after ending a relationship. During this process, I would try to show my ex that I’m better without him. (I’m sure we’re all guilty of this, I’m sure.) I became so in love with the process that I found myself forgetting about my ex and focusing on myself and all of my greatness! I then discovered how much time I actually had to myself to enjoy life. Now I like to take my time that I have to myself to perfect my craft and explore new hobbies. #Favhobby = a bomb hip-hop dance class. Give me a cropped sweat set, Nike hat,  good choreography session and I’m all in. Write it down post it and execute If you walk into my house you will notice that I have sticky notes in my windows overlooking the city and/or on my bathroom mirror. I believe that seeing is believing. If I constantly see words of affirmation in front of me, they become me. I like placing positive quotes/words on my mirror. What does this do for me? This conditions my mind to think differently and focus on what life is truly about. I like reading my notes and creating positive vibes before walking out of my comfort zone (my apartment ) into the real world . It’s almost like a shield of positive protection just in case things get too real out there lol. Pour into yourself Investing in others or material things are hella and easy. I invest in superficial things a little more that expected, but , it is what it is, I fully accept that flaw lol. Sometimes I find myself hesitating when it pertains to me really investing in things I want to accomplish.  The key is finding that balance, that happy medium. If I can pay thousands for pretty shoes, I can invest in myself too, no excuses. Also, why would someone invest in me if I’m not investing in myself. Be Unapologetic Project prefect is about you and how you can achieve your perfect. It’s ok to be a little selfish and unapologetic. Unapologetic sometimes has a bad rep, but it’s simple- have no regrets. By fully immersing yourself and crafting your Project Perfect you won’t have any regrets as this is a major key to a lifestyle change and years of happiness. “Strive for perfection. Settle for excellence. ” Shop the Blog! #ProjectPerfect #Selfcare #Selflove

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