Saturday Feels

Early Saturday mornings are usually reserved for solitude. My solitude essentials consist of my linen candle, white roses, Diddy Pandora station, a tabula rasa (Latin phrase often translated as “blank slate”) and a little dancing in between epiphanies. WHY IS “ME TIME ” SO PARAMOUNT? Its self love and allows the time to fully emerge and focus on self.  It’s ok to be a little selfish in this department.  As much as I love waking up to the sounds and views of the city, it doesn’t hurt to pull down my blackout curtains, change my phone settings to “Do Not Disturb” and dive into my goals, visions and accomplishments for an hour or two. I have compiled a list of 5 reasons why self-love is the best love below: 1.REBOOT YOUR THOUGHTS AND UNWIND Although Tinashe’s “Too On” is the groove, its not always the best approach when it comes to your brain.  Constantly being “on” doesn’t give your brain the time to rest and revitalize. Try yoga, reading, or setting time aside for a nap in the park.  Enjoy the silence. 2. HELPS IMPROVE CONCENTRATION AND INCREASES PRODUCTIVITY As you remove yourself from the distractions and interruptions of the world (good or bad), you are able to concentrate and become more productive with executing your thoughts or things that you have put on the back burner. 3.DISCOVER YOURSELF AND FIND YOUR OWN VOICE When in a group setting whether at work, or weekend coffee talks, people are more likely to agree or go along with someone who shares similar views. Utilize the “me time” for self-evaluation. A simple approach, Exercise the 5 W’s: Who are you? What do you stand for/What is your purpose? When do you want to execute those goals? Where are you in life/where do you want to be in life? And the Whys of your world. 4.CAN ENHANCE THE QUALITY OF YOUR RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHERS By spending time with yourself and gaining a better understanding of who you are, it really puts everything in perspective.  From who you choose t surround yourself with to how you, not others, want to spend your valuable time. 5. ALLOWS TIME TO THINK CLEARLY AND WORK THROUGH PROBLEMS MORE EFFECTIVELY Although it can be challenging when you have so much incoming information i.e. instagram feeds, emails, and texts messages, it is time to unplug.  Deep thought and clarity can ignite creativity and increases productivity.  It is time to walk away from the never-ending checklist, breathe and listen to your thoughts. Solitude is very important and so necessary.  Be a better you and indulge in a little me time, you wont regret it. #FEELS #INSPO

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